Can just one law of attraction
tips help you escape everything that has held you back so far?

0:01 Law of attraction tips opening
0:12 Law of attraction tips and can you really profit permanently?
0:15 Put the thoughts out there, the words and the actions.
0:24 The question is what are you saying to yourself everyday?
0:40 The question I asked myself a couple of years ago.
1:10 Thoughts, words, actions.
1:40 Let the universe do the work.
1:50 Attracting the results.
2:05 Get personal one on one coaching.

Law Of Attraction Tips Now Revealed
You have to be deserving of what you intend. So you need to
have intent, energy, passion and persistence all lined up
and you will profit permanently.

So you have to have enough confidence in yourself to get your
thoughts, words and actions flowing and in rythym. The start
is to do what Stephen Covey suggested and that is to begin
with the end in mind and simply work backwords from that.

Once you put the idea out there and verbalise it daily and
back it up with daily activity you will not be denied, the
universe will do the work for you in time, you have to put
your faith in universal principals.

How Do You Use Affirmations For Success?
Dr Ian Gawler wrote the book called Peace Of Mind and wrote
a chapter on achieving your goals.

Dr Gawler is a pioneer in mind/body medicine techniques.
Having been diagnosed with bone cancer Ian had his right leg
amputated in 1975 but the disease came back to haunt him
later that year.

Focused on a holistic approach he was able to experience a
remarkable recovery.

The point is he has a whole chapter dedicated to the concept
of goals and affirmations. He says affirmations are short,
accurate statements describing our goals. He talks about
developing tight statements of intent.

In the book he talks about Imprinting, which is a conscious
process that enables us to establish a chosen goal as a belief.

This belief then acts out as something that our mind will
accept as a target to work towards. Dr Gawler says the aim of
imprinting is to create a well established inner picture, a new
inner reality for our subconscious to work with.

He reasons that this will stimulate all our inner resources
too creatively produce this inner picture as an outer reality.

Dr Gawler goes on to say that when you start the imprinting
process, the goal will not have been reached … yet. He says
at this stage you are using the process to enlist the mind’s
magnificent resources in achieving the goal.

Gawler says at this stage it is quite natural to expect an
element of disbelief or untruth when you begin. You may
believe you are quite a negative person when you start this
practice … that is ok … as a starting point. Imprinting
is the process that can help you to change that.

Do Affirmations For Success Redirect Our Attention?
Now … we are not lying to ourselves, but redirecting our
attention. When you understand the way the mind works, we
choose to establish a new belief, imprint it clearly and
firmly enough, and expect the changes to take place …
effectively and painlessly, he says.

Remember that this process directs or redirects the mind’s
attention and mobilises all it’s power and creativity. This
is the process for making change, for replacing one belief
with another, as well as simply establishing a new belief
or goal.

Dr Gawler says, do not be surprised by the little voice inside,
the echo. As long as the affirmation has more certainty, more
expectation, more hope, more oomph than the echo, the little
person inside your head, it will gradually replace it and soon
become the guiding force.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about
the law of attraction then please reach out and contact us, we
can point you in the right direction.

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