What law of attraction tips can
and will protect me from failure and guarantee success?

/>0:01 Law of attraction tips opening
0:15 Are you are what you eat!
0:25 Are you are what you think?
0:35 Your choices.
0:50 What’s the trick?
1:05 What is the closely guarded secret?
1:15 The wrap up.

How Important Is Thinking?
Have you ever heard anyone say that you are what you eat?
And if it’s true the same thing could be said for you are
what you think or said another way “all that we are is the
result of all that we have thought.

And for those who think they have all the answers, just
remember what famous UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said,
he said”it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”.

Law Of Attraction Tips | What Does The Mirror Say?
So the closely guarded secret says that “who you are is why
you are where you are” or “where you are in life is based on
your choices and decisions so far”.

So the closely guarded secret is to develop the idea that
you start with where you want to finish.

Where And How Do You Start To Use The Law Of Attraction?
Meaning you start from there to here verses from here to
there which means you identify your end point first and in
the process you become the person you need to be to attract
the circumstances you want verses not staying the person you
are now that attracted the circumstances you are trying to get
away from.

Are Your Associations Important?
One person said it this way, “if you lie down with dogs you
will get flees” and what is being reffered to is your
associations which is no different to a parent saying “I
don’t want you hanging around that person”, which may come
from some fact based information or may be just parental
intuition, a sense of being led astray.

If You Put Sugar In Your Petrol Tank What Would Happen?
Most people can get their heads around the idea that they
need to wash themselves everyday because they know if they
don’t they will start to stink and become unattractive in
the physical sense.

It’s the same mentally, without daily vigilence of our
thought life we can start to stink mentally, if we don’t give
ourselves a vitamin pill for the brain then we can become
negative and pesamistic in an unbalanced way.

Another way to look at it is what would happen if you put
sugar in your petrol tank, well you just wouldn’t do it.
Why is it so important too have your car reguarly serviced?
Same thing, without a grease and oil change the car will
eventually sieze ans stop altogether.

If you went out into the forest to chop trees for a week,
would you sharpen your axe every half a day or would you
just push on without any maintenance? Our mental faculties
are the same, what you put in is what you get out?

Put the wrong information into a computer and what do you
get back, you get the wrong answer, you essentially get
back junk and so it is with our minds, and these are the
closely guarded secrets that are now not secrets.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about
the law of attraction then please reach out and contact us, we
can point you in the right direction.

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