The law of attraction tips are
controversial but are there really breakthroughs we can have?

0:01 Law of attraction tips opening.
0:10 Why does the controversy continue.
0:38 We generate the results that we deserve.
1.00 What sort of a world do we live in?
1:10 Deal with the past.
1:20 What one new age guru said.
1:30 How should we treat the past?
1:40 Law of attraction tips closing.

Simple Secrets to Attract
The Law Of Attraction is a new age terminology for an old age
doctrine that has been recorded in all the major religions.

The controversy centres on the idea that thinking your future
into existence actually works or is just some marketing trick.

The thinking part is just the begining and centres on the
simplicity of you are what you think, meaning what you give
life too in mental energy will come to fruition in physical

The reality is that the thinking part is just the start and
can only become real when it is followed through with the
correct words and the correct actions, and when you read the
word actions, that is just another word for work or activity.

Law of Attraction Tips – Does The Past Help Or Hinder?
Now, one of the problems in this equation is the idea of
getting past the past and your enviromental and geneological
makeup which can work both ways, meaning you may have been
brought up with disadvantage verses being brought up with

Generally speaking you must and will inherit your parents ideas
on how the world works which can be an advantage but also
could be a disadvantage, it is only through education and
experience, winning and losing that will help you move to
where you want to go.

So the point here is that everybody has to deal with there
perceptions of the past, take the good bits and enhance them
and choose to accept and let the bad bits serve as motivators
for creating better outcomes.

Law of Attraction Tips – Can Our Memories Help Us?
Deepak Chopra is somewhat of a new age student and theologian
and he put it this way, he said “we use memories but we don’t
allow memories too use us” and another way he said “my tormentor
today is myself left over from yesterday”.

Both of these passages are talking about a persons past and
how our thinking, our thought life can inhibit and sabotage
even getting too first base in terms of the law of attraction.

He is saying you attract what you think, and if you are just
playing the same old same old from the past then you just get
stuck in the same old patterns and expectations.

So the first step is too at least work on your thought life
and start to think about what you would like too have happen
as if it has already happened.

The law of attraction is really just talking about becoming
aware of how energy works, because science tells us that is
all we are when you break down what it is too be a human

In fact all physical or three dimensional reality as we see
it had to come from somewhere. For example science teaches
us that we are really just a big ball of atoms which all have
a chemical composition, and for every 200 atoms in your body
they are represented by 126 hydrogen atoms, 51 oxygen,
19 carbon, 3 nitrogen and 1 made up of all the other elements.

When you get to a point that you can accept that thoughts
are energy, words are energy expressed and actions are are
just follow through energy expressed again then you can see
how important it is too have the thought in the first place.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about
the law of attraction then please reach out and contact us, we
can point you in the right direction.

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