What do you REALLY want?”

It was August 2006, and it was my first Bob Proctor seminar.

Bob was passionate as he bellowed the question from the stage. Then, he repeated it:

“What do you REALLY want?”

The question shook me.

After all, I thought I knew what I wanted. And I had worked hard to get it…

I was making great money running a successful law practice. I had wonderful friends, a beautiful house, horses, dogs … the whole 9 yards.

Still, at that moment, something wasn’t sitting right.

That’s because, in just 2 ½ days of listening to Bob, I had learned the most important thing I had NEVER learned in all my years of schooling…

I learned how the mind works, how it controls our behavior, and how to use it to succeed and get guaranteed results… predictably and reliably.

Now that’s REAL knowledge! And that knowledge and the joy it created inside me caused a total shift in me. The world opened up to me, and I knew what I really wanted.

I wanted to become Bob Proctor’s closest adviser and create a program with him that showed people how to think into the results they most wanted.

And suddenly my life got very exciting.

The power of a committed decision

The idea of creating a program with Bob inspired me.

But that didn’t stop my mind from flip-flopping. One minute I’d be super enthusiastic and then my mind would start chattering away with all the reasons I couldn’t do it…

“Who are you? You’re just an attorney. You don’t know anything about producing programs and DVDs.”

Fortunately, I knew what was going on—my paradigm was trying to keep me where I was. But I was determined not to back down.

So, I kept studying Bob’s and others’ teachings to develop a deeper understanding of the mind and how to use it to get the results we want consistently.

And do you know which information had the biggest impact on me?

Discovering the secrets and power of visualization, or as I like to call it, visioneering.

Solomon said…

I’d like for you to consider the following…

All the other creatures on the planet are completely at home in their environment because they blend into it.

However, unlike other creatures, we are disoriented in our environment. So, we must make changes if we want to thrive.

But why?

It’s because God gifted us with higher faculties which allow us to envision a different reality, and then create what we see in our mind.

Vision is so critical to our happiness and success that, in the Old Testament, Solomon said, “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”

In other words, if we don’t have a vision of what we want and where we want to go in life, we’re not going to be creating; we’re going to be disintegrating. That’s because building a vision brings order to our mind, and order is essential for growth.

What’s the win?

Each day, many trains of thought flow through your mind. Because they’re often just a reaction to what’s going on around you, these thoughts are usually chaotic and random.

But when you have a vision, and you consciously hold that image in your mind, your thoughts flow through your consciousness in a very orderly procession.

It’s like a conveyor belt of little creative ideas that build on each other—continually moving you closer to your vision. Instead of having a good thought then a bad thought, there’s a train of positive, productive ideas flowing into your consciousness.

That’s how the masters think. They focus on what they want and where they’re going. Instead of having thoughts that jump from idea to another, there’s a beautiful string of upbeat thoughts flowing in an organized manner. That’s an enormous win.

Become a visionary

Visualization is creating a picture of something you want in your mind and holding it there with your will to attract everything you need to fulfill the picture. It is taking spirit, or the non-physical, and making it physical.

This process doesn’t just work for the rich, the smart, or the well-educated. It works for everyone.

Keep that in mind as I repeat the questions that Bob asked in the video…

What do you want to do in your life?

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to accomplish?

Think about those things, and then write it all down in detail, in the present tense.

As Bob said, writing causes thinking. And thinking causes an image to form in the mind. As you start to create images, you start building a vision.

Vision directs your life—whether you’re aware of it or not. So, become conscious of it and let your vision create the life you really want.

Once you understand the how and the why behind creation and lasting success, and you act on that wisdom, you will become a visionary. And you will live a full life that is well beyond the norms.

To more and better,

Sandy Gallagher

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