Why Choose Phil Matthew as Your Consultant


Phil Matthew has been studying personal growth and development for more than 25 years, and he is thrilled to be able to turn his passion into a cause that helps people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

Today, Phil facilitates the “Thinking Into Results” program and works enthusiastically with individuals, families, small business owners and elite athletes, to guide them in discovering who they really are as people and what they are capable of achieving for themselves, their families and their business.

“Thinking Into Results” is widely acknowledged as the most powerful human transformational program of its kind, consulting on the most profound, powerful, and transformative concepts and strategies human kind has ever known.

What Some People Say About Phil


I have known Phil Matthew for 20 years,  since mid 1992, when we started working in business together.

I myself am an ex Australian Weight Lifting Champion/Australian representative and have coached elite track and field athletes and A.F.L /V.F.L players as a specialist strength coach.

Phil Matthew is the most astute human being I know and has been a life coach, business coach and life mentor to me in the 2 decades we have known each other.

In my view, Phil Matthew would be one of the most astute human beings’ on the Australian continent. This audacious, yet well founded understanding of him, is due to the fact that, firstly, Phil has the unique blend of cutting edge business/wealth development intelligence in alignment with the some of the wealthiest people in the world, of whom he often reiterates while in coaching sessions, which reflects humility as well as deep insight.

Secondly, in addition to a deep wealth creation intelligence, Phils’ uniqueness as a profoundly astute person is because Phil also possesses a deep insight into an area that even many business coaches and entrepreneurs do not all have, which is a deep understanding of human beings and self development processes.This aspect of Phil is what makes him a highly evolved being and leader, which is acknowledged by the many people that know him, not just myself.

At a deeper level of his awareness, since he often states that personal development proceeds business/wealth  development, as articulated by influential millionaires, like Robert Kiyosaki from the U.S, Phil clearly, then has the required astute understanding of the two required areas, of personal and business development intelligence, that is clearly required for long term success in whatever endeavour.

Due to the fact that he never judges anyone, Phil has a very open heart for people and nothing in life would surprise him. Phils’ high level maturity is reflected in the fact that he is a very calm and present person thus has excellent listening skills to be able to ask the right,enquiring questions whilst at the same time, his forthright nature knows when to be brutally direct, with love, if he feels you are, clearly, letting yourself down, in any area.

I have had hundreds of coaching sessions with Phil and, as a master strategist, he has an intuitive way of pointing a person in the right direction and moving you to do the required work to improve and create proactive development.

He sees life simply as a process that revolves around health first, people and relationships second and money third and he never changes this fundamental philosophy.

His mantra is AFL- Accept Forgive Love – something I have heard countless times. In my opinion, due to his core values of being authentic and transparent, his intuition travels very wide and he misses nothing.

If you have the opportunity to get his time, I can tell you directly that it’s not only worth a lot, but it would be completely inevitable that, just as my life has improved under his coaching, your life will also improve, be it in business or personal development, due to the fact that, as a package, his level of astute understanding, in both areas, is rare.

Darren Walker

Melbourne Victoria Australia

15 Time Senior Australian Weightlifting Champion

Alan Mikkor

I first met Phil Matthew at Ocean Grove over 20 years ago, he was coaching at the district level with his brother-in-law and I subsequently helped him with other financial stuff and insurances as I was in the financial services industry at the time.

Since then I have seen Phil make his own financial decisions, he has gone from a play it safe security based personality to a let’s take a calculated risk type.

I will always remember the day we sat down and Phil said to me, “that everyday I stay in this job, I just die another day”. So I was there when he started to make his own way, foregoing the security of a comfortable job and out into the unknown.

Years later I would team up with Phil again, and he eventually become my sales coach and mentor and having worked with many people over the years I can honestly say Phil was up there with the best of them.

Phil is the sort of guy that has a crack and when he does something, he gives it everything he’s got, he will go to what others might consider an extreme, to learn what he has to learn, I know with the internet marketing stuff he started, I can remember him telling me how he would be up at 5.00am to get a couple of hours in and he did that for 18 months just to get a start.

Over the years I have seen Phil coach men and woman of all ages and if you need guidance and direction, he will work with you from a
holistic approach.

Alan Mikkor
Sales Consultant – Melbourne Victoria Australia

What Did Tony Have To Say On The Subject Of Phil -

So Who Is Tony Cornish

Tony Cornish is one of the original owners/directors of Countrywide Media now merged with Austral Media to form the current company, Countrywide Austral (CWA). Together with Chris Pierlot, Tony has successfully run Countrywide Austral (formally Countrywide Media) for over 15 years where it has become the leading custom media publisher within the emergency service and non-profit sector.  

Yeah, hi there – my name is Tony Cornish, I’m the director of Countrywide Austral. We’re a publishing business, it’s around 20-years-old and I met Phil Matthews around 13 years ago and Phil came to me as a sales person and at the time, I wasn’t sure how well he would go. And in the end, he turned out to be a true asset to our business. Phil sold for the first couple of years only and then he, I promoted him as a manager and in that time I think just a salesman, not only he’s generated more than $1 million worth of revenue for our business, just selling advertising and cold calling. As a manager, he was fabulous. He put the sales person first, he looked after their best interests and the company’s interests first above his own. But in return, he was well-rewarded by his success and he was a true asset. Along the way Phil has also become a little bit of a mentor for me, someone I go to get support. Recently, I asked him to do a business plan for me which we’re going to implement in the near future. His techniques and his systems and his documentation has been second to none and I truly respect Phil as a sales person, as a leader, a mentor, and more importantly as a friend.

One of the observations I noted with Phil was he was quite eccentric. He was very different. He certainly puts sales people first and his own goals second. But he understood the concept that if the sales people got what they wanted, he would get what he wanted. And he certainly did that for a very long period of time. Over a period of time there Phil decided to go out on his own. He worked with me for probably 15 years and then decided to do his own internet marketing and advertising business. I believe that’s going very well for him, and if any of you out there are considering using Phil, I thoroughly recommend him and it would be a personal guarantee.

So for those out there who are entrepreneurial, who are business-like, good sales people, Countrywide Austral offers services or opportunities for people actually to sell advertising over the phone, potentially anywhere in Australia. We have an office in Byron Bay and we have an office in the city of Melbourne and basically, you can walk in and sell with clients such as the Federal Police Association, Victorian New South Wales Police, state emergency service – we sell advertising in our publications and a lot of people earning anywhere from $50,000-250,000 a year by working with us. So if you are interested, just Google CWAustral.com.au.