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Where And What Is The Best “OPPORTUNITY” Today?

In this Video Infomercial You Will Discover

Bob Proctor Is Best Known For The Hit Movie “The Secret” 

 He Is Arguably The Best Teacher In The World On Human Potential And Success

Here Are His 39 Critical Distinctions On “OPPORTUNITY”

For those of you who like a little detail, the video has been time stamped below;

What’s The One Thing Everybody Wants? (2.15)/What’s The Secret Behind Getting What You Want? (2.45)

Can You Really Create Your Own Economy? (2.45)/Bob Proctors Story And How He Created Million Dollar Results. (4.45)What’s The One Thing You Can Do To Create Incredible Results In Your Life? (8.45) Can You Make It With No Formal Education And No Business Experience? (13.35)What Is The One Thing That Will Explode Your Results? (14.30)After Becoming A Millionaire By Age 35 Back In 1969, What Bob learned Over The Next 10 Years. (14.55)What Bob Proctor Has Learned Over His Lifetime And It’s Not About The Money. (16.30)Are Mentors All They’re Cracked Up To Be? (19.20)What Is The Secret To Building Belief? (19.35) What Is The Insight You Need To Understand To Create An Amazing Life? (20.25)What Are The Two Things That You Must Know If Your Going To Create Time And Money Freedom? (20.45)What Is The Single Biggest Problem That Stops People From Progressing? (21.45)A Simple Idea On How To Be More Productive And More Effective. (21.50)What Are The Consequences Of Being Realistic? (23.40)Money And The Thing That Stops You From Having As Much As You Want. (24.00)Discover How You Can Change Your Results Dramatically! (24.55) What Is The Extraordinary Blind Spot In Our Education System Today? (26.30)How Do You Access The Hidden Powers Of Your Mind? (27.15)What Is The Difference Between The Brain And The Mind? (27.50The Most Valuable Idea Bob Proctor Has Ever Learned! (29.15)What Is The Problem With Most People? (30.40) What Makes You Unique And Different? (31.25)Do You Exercise All The Choices You Have? (32.15)How Can You Reap More Of What You Sow? (33.05)What Are The Mental Faculties That Get In Our Way? (34.00)Why Our Education System Can Only Get You So Far! (36.00)What Percentage Of Your Potential Are You Actually Accessing? (37.00)What Would A Futurist Tell You To Do? (38.05)How Do You Save Stress Time Energy And Money? (39.00)What Is The Problem With Being Over Confident? (39.15)Money And What They Don’t Teach You At School! (40.20)What Do You Need To Teach Your Kids About Money? (40.20)What The Average Person Does Not Know About Money! (41.25)Is It Possible To Make Your Monthly Income Your Annual Income? (43.00)Have You Ever Thought Of Making Money While You Sleep? (44.00)Do You Understand The Consequences Of Your Decisions? (45.15)Decisions And What They Don’t Teach You In S

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April 29, 2020

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