Understanding Your Potential
How To Get What You Want

When we use the word Potential what are we talking about?

Having more, doing more, being more and
giving more.

Doing better and being better

Research conducted by universities shows that you only accesses 5 to 10 per cent of your potential

You are leaving 90 to 95 per cent of
your potential on the table.

You are living each day, each week, each year, each decade leaving
90 to 95 per cent of your potential on the table

Does that concern you? - What does that cost you?

Not just financially speaking, but in your relationships, maybe the relationship you have with yourself, how you feel about yourself, your physical body and the way it looks, your mental acuities and what you think is possible for yourself and your spiritual awareness and who you think you are and what you think you are.

  • You are either in a job or business

  • You are in the business of your own life, you are the CEO of your own life

  • Another year of your life has just gone, has it been a better year, the same or worse than one year ago?

  • Where do you find yourself?

Are You A Person That...

  • WANTS more out of life but are just not sure what it is?
  • Has had some success BUT not really where you want to be
  • Knows exactly what you want BUT don’t know how to get it?
  • Knows that deep down you could be doing a whole lot BETTER than your doing?
  • Is going through the MOTIONS, one day rolling into the next, waking up tomorrow feeling the same as you did today?
  • WANT's to do better, more income, more time, better work life balance, more energy
  • WANT's a better business that's more efficient and more effective, but your not sure how to go about it
  • Is successful as you want to be, your cup is full, you have got everything you WANT, your happy with the status quo, but at the same time your BORED and open?
  • Is wondering, maybe even a bit curious to the idea of what is POSSIBLE for you but you don't know what that is?
  • Is a HUNGRY director who wants growth and is willing to lead the way?

What Does History Say…

Stock Market Crash

Back in 1987 we had the stock market crash.


In the early 90's we had the recession we had to have

Dot Com Crash

2000 we had the dot com crash


Year 2007-2008 we had the global financial crisis, the GFC.


Year 2019 we had COVID 19 virus, and we had been 3 other viruses in the previous 10 years to that.

What's The Point

The point here is you don't want to rest on your laurels, you don't want to become complacent.

I talk to people all around the world and when I ask them what do they want, they will say I JUST WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE, and unbeknownst to themselves they don’t realise that being comfortable is an energy state whereby you will never ever get the best out of yourself.

What being comfortable is about is resting on your laurels and being complacent.

World authority on prosperity Bob Proctor would say most people tip toe their way through life hoping they make it safely to death.


In my research of other people, companies and guru's, they all have their own
level of comprehension on this topic of potential BUT the things I think about,
write about and teach people to do is different, is unique and most importantly
works, I live by it everyday.


Most people go after what they want in totally the wrong way.
They will try to change a habit or a behavior which is slow and painful and usually just leads to a temporary solution.
Whilst some will get some sort of secondary change, in the long term they just end up back where they started.
It's very much like the diet industry where they love to show you the before and after photos BUT never show you the after the after photos.
The good news is that permanent change is totally possible, be it related to having more money, having more time, having better self esteem, better relationships, a better body, a more powerful mind or a greater spiritual comprehension.

The Disclosure

First off... IMAGINE A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 or a spectrum of sorts, and YOU are on that scale, that spectrum somewhere AND THE IDEA IS, that we are all on that scale, we are all on that spectrum somewhere

Levels of Awareness

We all operate at a certain level, levels of what you ask?

Levels of awareness... and our levels of intelligence,
(our AI our awareness intelligence), we all operate from
a certain level based on things like our education, experience
and observation AND we all have made plans, had different
ideas and been exposed to different concepts... makes sense doesn't it.

Here’s the big takeaway …


What I have just written is going to annoy a few of you!
How do I know that?
Because it annoyed me when I first read it and thought about it.


Different questions that get us to go deeper, questions that are coming from the inside and not the outside…

We must go beyond societies academic intelligence model and start thinking about concepts around intelligence, and what it is and what it isn’t and how to develop it.

Ask yourself…

  • Where’s the growth in what you are doing now?
  • What are you doing to EVOLVE your thinking?
  • What do you think drives growth and innovation?
  • How do you take the growth that you have got to a whole new level?

We Need To Examine and Think About 

What is IDIOCY?.
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Which Begs The Question?

You know that we all have potential, don’t you?


Where do our results come from?

How do you become more aware of what you are capable of doing?

What percentage of your potential are you accessing?

Have you reached the APEX of the development of your MIND

Or...have you merely realised you have a mind and are just using it at an elementary level?

What is the most important concept anyone can STUDY?

Traditional personal development advice, such as thinking positively, visualising what you want or affirmations, too often feels like rolling a boulder uphill rather than an effortless, exciting, downhill process that you were expecting.

The answer to these common personal development questions
lies in a factor that few success or motivational speakers,
teachers, or philosophers ever address…and that factor is

Your Paradigm

  • This factor, which completely controls your long-term success or failure, is your paradigm.
  • It’s the one thing that the majority of people overlook, but the one that’s the most important.
  • NOW… a paradigm is sort of a new word in the mind of the public and a lot of people wouldn’t even know what it is.
  • A paradigm is a very important idea AND it stops us from living the life we really want to live in more cases than not.
  • Your paradigm are the sub conscious programs that control your behavior.
  • The paradigm is not just a habit but a multitude of habits.
  • Consider this, the PARADIGM is the most important concept that anyone can study BECAUSE it controls EVERYTHING in our lives.
  • BUT here’s the kicker…. here’s the blind spot in society.
  • Our education system gives us valuable knowledge and information BUT it doesn’t teach us how to ALTER our paradigm.
  • You won’t find it covered or referred to in our education system, be it primary, secondary, tertiary or university
  • Look at the areas of your life that your paradigm has enormous influence over, making decisions, your perceptions, your logic, your creativity, your effectiveness, your productivity, your ability to earn money and the biggie, your use of time.

Why does our education system only get you so far?

Stand by, some of the things may shock you.

We are dealing with a total blind spot in our society.

People go about what they WANT,
in entirely the wrong way.

That makes things tough because knowing what you WANT is critical to living a happy and prosperous life.

Now, understanding your potential and how to get what you want begins with two topics.

Let’s go back to where it all started… 

it all started when you were born, 

you had a parent, or a set of parents and what they WANTED for you.

They wanted you to walk, they wanted you to talk, they wanted you to have a great life, and in some cases, they wanted you to have a better life than they have had, so far.

By the time you were about three, you picked up on those WANTS. You WANTED that xmas present, you were at the shop, and you WANTED that toy

By the time you were in the first year of secondary school you WANTED that mobile phone and you WANTED to get onto social media, right?

Before long, you WANTED that ideal part time job, you WANTED that ideal full-time job,

Along the way you probably met someone, and then had to put a roof over your head

On top of all that, there are the events of life, where are we going out to tea, are we going to the footy, tennis the cricket tonight

Then along came a couple of other little people which all costs money and before you knew it there is more month than money

Where's our next holiday going to be, the celebrations, the 1st birthday party, the 18th, the 21st, the 30th, the 50th the 80th...

The constant and never-ending social vineyard of fun


Is the key to help little Johnny and little Betty get that good life happening.

Is seen as a CRITICAL ingredient to making all that WANTING happen.


BUT...Look At The Results


What are the RESULTS of this ordinary, standard, mainstream, elementary, entry level, generic education system, a system that exists in one of the richest countries in the world, to boot.

Let’s consider the people in jobs first with some stats that are general in nature but will help to make a point.

How Much Do Australians With Jobs Earn

82% earn less than $80k,

15% earn between $80k -$180k

3% earn $180k+


People In Small Business

Researched by Ian Marsh from Streetsmart Author of The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success

39% profitable
31% break even
30% are unprofitable

Only 5% of small business individuals ever earn more than $140k

93% of business owners never achieve more than a million dollars in turnover which means only 7% of business owners ever reach a million dollars in turnover.

Only 2% reach $2 million turnover & out of these only 10% will be sold.

Over The Long Term – The Bigger Picture Results Tell Us…

97% of people will work a lifetime (45 to 50 years), and not end up with any real money

86% of Australians will not be prepared for retirement. (REST)

60% of the population is now receiving social welfare of some sort from the Australian govt.

80% of the population are unwilling to take responsibility for their life, their actions and their decisions and as a result the world will keep putting barriers and lessons in front of them and most times, they simply won't learn those lessons.

Ask yourself, where do YOU fit into all of this?

Note that these poor to ordinary financial results are not the only costs.

What Are The Other Costs To Consider?

What Are The Social Costs?

Consider THE SOCIAL COSTS, the social vineyard, the social underbelly

What Are The State Of People’s Minds?

What Are The Mental Health Costs In Australia?

Productivity Commission Report

(Nov 2020) for Australia

What's The Point?
Our education system is INCOMPLETE.
Whilst it delivers valuable information and knowledge it doesn't teach people how to alter their paradigm.
The consequences of this INCOMPLETNESS is frustration and confusion
People are not getting the results they had hoped for.
People end up doing things they don't want to do, getting results they don’t want to get and yet for some strange reason they keep doing it
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  • The conundrum here, is that the part of the mind that gathers the information and gathers the knowledge is not the part of the mind the controls the behaviour.
  • People think that knowledge is power, but the reality is knowledge without action is simply knowledge, when it’s behaviours that create results.

What If There Was
A Magic Formula!

A magic formula for creating new behaviours and creating ongoing and sustainable personal growth and business innovation.

A magic formula that begins with a question.

What’s the one word that leads to freedom?

What's the one word that leads to having more money?

What's the one word that leads to having a better business?

What's the one word that leads to feeling better about myself?

What's the one word that leads to deeper and richer relationships?

What's the one word that leads to having a better body?

What's the one word that leads to being a better leader?

What’s the one word that leads to better and stronger mental acuities?

What’s the one word that
leads to
spiritual awareness?

What’s the one word that
to real happiness?

What’s the one word that
leads to
my purpose in life?

What’s the one word that leads to constant and never-ending fulfillment?

It’s a formula that maybe 3% of people fully comprehend.

What do YOU have to comprehend to get into that 3% I hear you ask?

So, the one word that leads to freedom is!

What do I have to UNDERSTAND, I hear you ask?

How does YOUR mind operate?

Well…it operates IN A CERTAIN WAY

What is that CERTAIN WAY?


Not Jude Law, Not man made laws


If you doubt me, just try and strike up a conversation with someone and ask them how their mind operates, it won’t be a very long conversation

In his book The Power Of Awareness Neville Goddard says the methods of mental
and spiritual knowledge are
entirely different.

He says this is a point
that is truly understood by probably
not more than one person
in a million

I talk to people all over the world, at some point the conversation will get to a point where they will quite often say to me that it all started when they started to set some goals.

They got that car, got rid of that car and got another car.

They got that house, got rid of that house and then got another house.

They got into that relationship, got out of that relationship and then got into another relationship.

What was happening was they were setting goals, they were setting goals they knew how to achieve, they were setting goals, they thought they could achieve.

BUT at some point, they became disgruntled, frustrated and confused, in otherwords STUCK.

They started to struggle, and the reason they started to struggle was because their wants,
their dreams had to be squeezed into an income circle, their income circle.

STUCK and STRUGGLING, because their DREAMS had now become LIMTED BY THEIR INCOME

At this point we need to take a breath, draw a line in the sand and pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off.

IMAGINE if there was a way where YOU could become UNSTUCK and UNLIMITED!

Would You Want That?

How Would You Do That?


One thing we could do is ask a futurist or an inventor what they would do to become UNSTUCK and UNLIMITED.

One such person is
Buckminster Fuller.

He was a futurist, an inventor, an architect and a mathematician.

And here’s what he said about CHANGE.

If you are trying to change something…


If you want to change something you need to BUILD A BRAND-NEW MODEL that makes the old model OBSOLETE

Sounds simple enough,
doesn’t it?

From Phil Matthew's Perspective

I have to say when I first come across this idea, I thought it sounded good, but I fought it for around 3 weeks and after reading different materials related to change, I started to get it more and more until I finally I accepted it.
That's my take on this idea, lets look at another.

From Bob Proctor Perspective

BOB PROCTOR is regarded by many as the worlds number 1 prosperity teacher
Remember earlier we were talking about the idea of understanding your potential and how to get what you want.
And the two things we talked about were...WANTS and EDUCATION
Bob Proctor would look at the word WANTS from the perspective of BIG CHANGE, and he would look at the concept of education from the perspective of FUTURE TRENDS.
Then he would get us to consider the concept of universal laws, (which he taught and lived by).
He would apply those laws of the universe to those two words WANTS and FUTURE TRENDS.

Bob Would Say

There are 7 primary laws and 11 secondary laws

Take one of those laws, the universal law of polarities which is the universal law of opposites…

Take that law to solve this problem, so you could live each and everyday UNSTUCK and UNLIMITED.

This is what you need to do!

You simply need to do the opposite of what everybody else does.
Instead of going after goals you know you can achieve, or think you can achieve, go after something you have never gone after before.

Instead of setting a goal to get something, (car, house, boat, holiday), set your goal for GROWTH.
Go after something that excites you and scares you at the same time, something you secretly really want.

The conundrum of EDUCATION!

The Latin word for education is EDUCO, by implication means to EDUCE, meaning this process will draw something out of you that you didn’t know was there before.

It's something that's doesn't exist in our ordinary, standard, traditional education system and your chances of coming across it are slim BUT here you are being exposed to it right now, so well done on that, well done on getting this far.


UNIVERSAL EDUCATION applies to everyone everywhere and in every instant, it is something you could teach a 5-year-old, a 55-year-old and 105-year-old, it is an energy, it is omnipotent.

We say again, our education system is INCOMPLETE.
BUT with what we do, we complete it.

What Is Education Really?

Our societies blind spots – our education system is incomplete.

Which leads to people living their ENTIRE lives NEVER getting the best out of themselves

What Is The Most
Important Concept A Person
Can Study?

The Paradigm...Why?


Previously I had flagged two things you need to consider in relation to understanding
your potential and dealing with the idea of how to get what you want.

The importance of WANTS and EDUCATION If you want BIG CHANGE,
here are another two things you need to get your head around.



We have dealt with why your paradigm is the most important concept a person can study.

BUT Where Do Our Results Come From?

First off, all our results are a direct reflection of what's going on inside of us

Until we change the INSIDE the outside doesn't change, the outside just stays the same.

Think about it this way - You could paint the outside of your house yellow
BUT that won’t affect the color of your kitchen which is on the inside.

People can wear nice clothes and look good on the outside but that doesn't
necessarily mean they feel good about themselves on the INSIDE.

Additionally Consider…

Now Consider…

What is easier, to adjust ourselves to the hardships of making a poorer living OR to adjust ourselves to the hardships of making a better one?

If you doubt me just think of all the things you are willing to go without in order to avoid doing the things you don’t like to do.

Which brings us back
to those important

What is the most important concept you can STUDY in your lifetime?

What is the most important concept you can EDUCATE yourself on in your lifetime?



What happens is that we, the human condition, we hear that so often in one way or another, that we become DESENSITIZED to it and that's why I introduce and use the terms Surface Modalities and Platitudes.

We just use these words, headspace, attitude and mindset as platitudes,
which just become surface modalities and platitudes, and why is that so important to recognise?

Bob Proctor, says…We must understand that thinking by itself will not change your results.
Just thinking positively isn't going to do it, that's an illusion.
Reading something once and moving on is not going to do it.

TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE that allows you to double, triple and quadruple your income.

TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE that deals with the issue of BELIEF, it's easy to have that hope and that wish BUT why don't I just do it, what's stopping me.

TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE that allows you to keep going from one success to another as opposed to telling people I stand in my own power and then the next day you don't feel that power, because that power you spoke about is not permanent, and your stuck, frustrated and confused because,where did that power go.

The Point Here Is...

There is more to POSITIVE THINKING than just being positive on the surface.

Ask Yourself are you only giving lip service to the question, how do you become more successful?

A Good Test For This…

Is that given almost all people would like to have or could use more money, ask yourself the question…

What’s stopping you from doubling your income?

What’s stopping you from making in a month what you make in a year?

Even though people might appear to have a positive demeanor on the outside…

That inner voice nipping away at them – Doubt is nipping away at them

At this point…

They become negative

And they question, why would you want to do that anyway?

They’ll Say…

I have already tried that!

I’m doing OK

Money isn’t everything

I wouldn’t want to do that

What's really going on here?

People are negative at the root level

Positive on the outside

BUT deep down, they are negative.


How and Why Do Elite Achievers
End Up In The Psychologist’s Chair?

I am talking about the people society considers to have the right HEADSPACE, ATTITUDE and MINDSET

If we looked at any area of society, be it ENTERTAINMENT, POLITICS, BUSINESS, SPORT, we would find example after example of people who on the surface are seen and deemed to be elite by societies standards

Let's Use AFL Football As An Example

All these people were positive thinkers, BUT all of them had to deal with problems of the mind, some lost their business, some lost their families, some were on drugs, some had issues with alcoholism, it seemed all had issues related to depression and anxiety and one even tried to kill himself.

Let’s Look At How Our Society Is Wired.

There Are 7 Levels To Consider

2 Of Those Levels Will Get You Thinking From A Deeper and Richer Place


Our society has a blind spot because our education system only takes us so far
BUT that's not the real problem because there are all sorts of things people
can educate themselves on outside of societies ordinary, standard, traditional,
elementary, mainstream, entry level, generic education system, isn't there?.

The real problem is that society perpetrates this idea that our education system
is the way through academic intelligence.

What we should be shouting from the rooftops, what we should be ingraining
and imbedding in our kids is exactly what author and entrepreneur
Robert Kiyosaki said... your education begins when you leave school,
not when you're in school.

The education system as we know it…
This is just the first phase, the phase that gets you started,
the phase that will help you to get that job, get that car, move out,
get that house, pay the bills and go on an overseas trip.

We don't confuse this phase with extraordinary results, results that
are advanced, elite, effective and exceptional.


When people, even people with societies elite mental credentials end up getting help from a
psychologist or a psychiatrist, the problem here can be, that whilst they may get some
relief and some perspective, some insight...

The psychologist or the psychiatrist won’t talk about the spiritual side of a person.

I am not talking about religion…We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are spiritual beings with an intellect, living in a physical body.

We live on three planes of UNDERSTANDING simultaneously, whereby
the body is something we have and not who we are.


Instead of getting to the essence of it all, they will talk about well being…they will say things like...

You need to exercise more
You need to eat better
You need to get a good night’s sleep
You need to set some goals

The problem with this approach is that they are coming from,

A very low vibration
A very low frequency
The outside in instead of the inside out

They are trying to go from the problem to what's considered a normal state
too get a person back to normal

THAT contradicts what we are made for!

World renowned teacher and human development expert Bob Proctor sees it this way...
Even if you've studied psychology, you never get into the essence of who you are,
it's all left on an intellectual level, you never get into the spiritual.

Given we are talking about psychology, understanding how the mind functions isn't just for psychologists,
it's for everybody, because the mind is in every cell of your body.

Our society uses psychology in a re-active way, after the problem has surfaced as
opposed to a pro- active way, which is where people like me fit in.

In the same way ordinary standard and traditional education gets you started,
so it is with psychology and psychiatry, with its goal of just getting
a person to the state of well being.


The next level is in what the world refers to as TRAINING, the training industry does
billions of dollars a year all over the world.

People who are watching that you tube video, reading that book, listening to that podcast,
going to a 2hr workshop, maybe a one-day seminar, a three-day seminar, maybe even a
7-day mastermind, all that stuff…

In that moment they may get a bit of a lift, get inspired but for almost all people it doesn't last,
it is temporary, and then they end up back in the drift.

They come back with their notes, their workbook, their videos and audios and
they put them on the shelf, hence the name shelf help.

The blind spot here, said again.... the part of the mind that gathers this information,
gathers this knowledge, is not the part of the mind that controls the behavior.

The training industry is all about delivering information and knowledge from the outside in.

Its the paradigm that's developed from the inside out, i.e. two totally different mechanisms.


A person may even consider paying some money for some coaching,
some business coaching or life coaching, this sort of thing

. All these coaches will be delivering information and using words like, incremental improvement,
being logical, common sense and being rational.

They are violating UNIVERSAL LAWS, and one of those laws is the universal law of polarities,
the universal law of opposites.

What I am talking about here is ENERGY, because everything is related and linked to energy.

Unlocking Your Potential presents an energy state where in addition to these standard ways
of the world you would be exploring the polar opposite energy, the quantum leap,
being illogical, being uncommon and being radical.


At this level things can start to shift, where people look towards the ideas
around the modern vernacular, what society is now calling MINDFULNESS.

Whilst this has been around for centuries in one form or another…
It leads you to alternatives ways of thinking and doing
The use of meditation and yoga
Energies centered around resiliency

Author Swami Shankarananda in his book Happy For No Good Reason
says the goal of meditation is to have a positive mind which can lead
us beyond the mind to the inner self.

Meditation allows people learn to still their minds and go beyond the
stresses and tensions of daily living, they free up their energy
and can begin to explore their own potential in new directions.

Meditation being the pathway to an intimate relationship
with pure consciousness, so says esteemed people
like Dr Deepak Chopra and Swami Chetanananda.


By and through vibration and frequency, we CAN THINK INTO RESULTS.

Psychiatrist Dr John Mike of the Montessori school in Fort Lauderdale in Florida
said that entrepreneur and teacher Bob Proctor had taught him more about the
human mind than he had learnt in 4 years of medical school and five years of psychiatric training.

The executive officers of big companies like Prudential Life Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance,
ReMax Real Estate, IBM, Malaysian Airlines said Bob Proctor's ideas had added
more money to their bottom line than any other ideas they had seen.

Doug Wead, Former Special Assistant to the President in the Bush White House
said Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup For The Soul,
the master storyteller, Anthony Robbins may be the guru of personal development, but
Bob Proctor is the master thinker. When it comes to systematising life,
no one else can touch him. He is simply the best.



Whilst we need to be mindful that incremental improvement exists, at the same time,
if we are not talking about its polar opposite energy, the QUANTUM LEAP
then all that happens is people get stuck and struggle and live in a state of lack and limitations.

Whilst being logical sounds cool, if we are not talking about its polar opposite in energy,
being ILLOGICAL, then we get stuck and struggle and live with limits.

It goes with words like common sense, if we are not talking about it's polar opposite in energy,
UNCOMMON, then we are just using less of our potential powers.

Let’s not forget the polar opposite energy of rational which is being irrational or RADICAL,
without being radical, again we are not accessing every aspect of ourselves.

It's like breathing, its a duopoly, where there's a rhythm happening,
the in breath and the out breath, you can’t do one without the other.

You won’t find this information anywhere else: I have done the work and joined the dots

If you are reading this, you are a rare person.

What makes me different and unique is that I have the experiential knowledge
and life experience to coach and mentor you from the baseline foundation of what you are.

You are ENERGY and SPIRIT.

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