To transform 1000 lives and their families lives by Dec 2025.

To re imagine and refocus on the fundamentals of successful living as it relates to money & materials, people & relationships, the body, the mind and spirit.

To pursue our beliefs of having fun, creating prosperity and making a difference in people’s lives

To help people understand that they are a spiritual being who is having a human experience

To create a new awareness as it relates to the void and the blind spots in our education system. 

To help people to bring order to their mind and to show them how the creative process works.

To introduce and implement “The Future Of Education” to individuals, families, small business owners and elite athletes.

To stand for and promote a spirit of daily study into the things that are currently outside our awareness.

To help people become more aware of what they are capable of doing.

To help those who want to help themselves and in doing that we can help more people who cannot help themselves