Have you ever asked yourself, “WHY” your results don’t change more than they do?

Are you treating the symptoms of low profits,

low productivity and low morale???

You think sales, administration, development, marketing, advertising, people, products,finances and cashflow is the answer, don’t you? it’s not.

You might think it’s about setting targets, tracking results, having an online presence and employing the right people, but it really isn’t.

Just look at the results…

This is what the *Australian Bureau of Statistics says about small business.

Did you know 39% of small business are profitable, 31% break even & 30% don’t make a profit.

5% of individuals ever earn more than $140,000

93% of business owners never achieve more than a million dollars in turnover

7% of business owners never reach a million dollars in turnover.

2% reach $2 million turnover & out of these only 10% will be sold.

80% of the population are unwilling to take responsibility for their life, their actions and their decisions and as a result the world will keep putting barriers and lessons in front of them and most times, they simply won’t learn those lessons.

SO… if you want do “BETTER”, you need to increase your possibilities and your probabilities of small business success and discover how to “think into results”, which is the future of small business success.

Have you ever asked yourself, “WHY” your results don’t change more than they do?

Treating the symptoms is when your results are controlling your thinking, and this is like giving yourself a sugar hit, it’s temporary, it’s a band aid, a short term fancy tactic that might allow you to win over a competitor today but it won’t allow you to win the battle of long term sustainability & profitability tomorrow.

*(ABS figures as per Ian MarshStreetsmart)


If your thinking is not producing – your thinking has to change.


Lesson Overview

Lesson One: A Worthy Ideal
Small Business Principle: Developing a point of difference, rich and deep in it’s foundation.
Small Business Benefits : This lesson explains the process on how to set up outcomes that leads to quantum leaps in your results.

Lesson Two: The Knowing Doing Gap
Small Business Principle: Return on investment.
Small Business Benefits: This lesson helps you to understand how much money you are leaving on the table and how to bridge that gap between what you know and what you actually do.

Lesson Three: The Infinite Mind
Small Business Principle: Building a brand new model that makes the old model obsolete.
Small Business Benefits : How to tap into business potentials that are currently outside your awareness, ideas that will create new possibilities and new opportunities for growth.

Lesson Four: The Secret Genie
Small Business Principle: How to create a peak performance environment within your business.
Small Business Benefits : Gaining a deeper understanding of the single root cause that creates low profits and low sales.

Lesson Five: Thinking Into Results
Small Business Principle: Innovation and proactive thinking.
Small Business Benefits : Creating a whole new mental economy by identifying the things that “prevent” you from taking your focus, dedication and discipline to a whole new level.

Lesson Six: Environment is but Our Looking Glass
Small Business Principle: Creating uncontested market space to make the competition irrelevant.
Small Business Benefits : How to make the shift from competing with other business rivals to the other more potent universe of creating “on” your business.

Lesson Seven: Trample the Terror Barrier
Small Business Principle: Overcoming barriers to success.
Small Business Benefits : Taking a deep dive on how to explore and cultivate deeper levels of understanding and why and how businesses get trapped into a prison of there own making,
BUT more importantly how to move through it.

Lesson Eight: The Power of Praxis
Small Business Principle: Aligning actions and results with your personal and business brand.
Small Business Benefits : Delivers the core reason why a business owner does not make the money they could make and how you can double, triple and quadruple they’re results.

Lesson Nine: The Magic Word
Small Business Principle: What’s the one word that separates the winners from the losers.
Small Business Benefits : Cultivating the right ingredients to merging your offline strengths and skills with online opportunities to grow your business brand.

Lesson Ten: The Most Valuable Person
Small Business Principle: Effective leadership.
Small Business Benefits : The unique difference between being a good leader and being an exceptional leader and the vast compensation differential between being a leader and a follower.

Lesson Eleven: Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase
Small Business Principle: How do you go the extra mile in small business and profit in the process.
Small Business Benefits : How to deal with the burden of continuous and never ending issues related to morale, motivation and training by implementing a universal personal and business growth training system.

Lesson Twelve: Magnifying the Mind
Small Business Principle: Business problem solving.
Small Business Benefits : Applying new techniques that attract additional income streams and build and maintain word of mouth advertising and referral based business.

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