I believe Phil is a highly self motivated person and tends to motivate others. He has built good relationships with his sub-ordinates, his leadership style being one of consultation which leads to higher performance from those around him. He has always shown considerable initiative and commitment to meeting the requirements of his management in Telecom and being thorough, positive and responsible, often working beyond the call of duty and handling higher workloads then his position required without supervision. During the period that I have known Phillip, I have found him to be a man of highest integrity, who can be relied upon to undertake any task with commttment and enthusiasm. He is intelligent, trustworthy and honest and I take great pleasure in recommending him from any position he chooses to undertake. Leon Koch Stipendiary

Dear Phil, Thanks heeps for all your guidance, help, energy and encouragement for well over two years now. You have helped me so very much in both my professional and persoanl life. Have a great Christmas to you and your family! Maggie

With the coming of competition and changes in the work place Phil with his strong people and team skills was at the forefront of this movement. Phil actively questioned new processes and soon became comfortable with the change process being undertaken to transform our organisation. He participated in many change schemes such as Total Quality Management Implementation as an extremely active member, devoting many hours of his own time to understanding and learning the processes and theories, and then actively plotting and implementing strategies for its implementation. Phil has exceptional people skills, he is highly regarded by his fellow workers and subordinate staff In my association with Phil, he initiated several changes to work practices and oversaw the introduction of new technology into the workplace. Phil wrote the relevant instructional documentation, after carrying out testing and procedural development of such equipment. Telecom

Youre the Best! Uncle Kevin and I feel you deserve to be acknowledge for consistency, positive energey and loyal support. We feel you have greatness potential and class! Your leadership is second to none. Thank you especially for the tough days Jas Smith Go Bombers 2006

Phillip’s judgement when making positional changes during a match has been astute, clear-sighted, mature and well-balanced. Phillip has also shown initiative when he was requested at times to relieve the Reserves coach, he was confident, energetic and venturesome. Phillip over the last two years has had excellent control over his dealings with the players, coaching staff and other helpers. He has been commanding, strong and unflappable. Phillip’s expression when talking to the players either as a group or on a one to one basis has been clear, concise and explicit. I have found Phillips relationships to be harmonious, understanding, helpful and respected. In summing up if you want a man to perform a task with no fuss or bother to yourself and know the job will be performed to a high level I have no hesitation in recommending Phillip Matthew for the task. K Thompson  

Here is a fine drop to enjoy over the Christmas Break to say thanks for all support over the year. You Don’t understand just how much help you really have been. Thanks again. George M

Dear Phil, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have been fab to work with and helped me so much with all my troubles. I will miss you and so will the 44,000 readers in home! Love Nichole